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June 26, 2018
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Makeup Artists – A market in need of our service.

Our mission at Trusting Pixels is to help promote an honest representation of people in media by authenticating content that has not been retouched. After attending The International  Makeup Artist Tradeshow (IMATS) in Vancouver, founder Alexander Jacquet confirmed that Trusting Pixels can go even beyond its mission statement by helping creatives validate their talent. Alexander states, “Attending IMATS made things very clear for me. There is an obvious need for our service in the makeup industry”.

There seems to be no clear guidelines when it comes to the topic of retouching in the makeup industry. After asking many makeup artists if they retouch their work, most reply “No”, “Not really”, or “Barely at all”. It’s for obvious reasons that makeup artists do not want to associate with the idea of retouching work their work. Indeed, retouching can imply that the artists do not trust their craft and rely on retouch enhancements to showcase their work. In that sense, Alexander believes that, “Our service is effective for those in the industry because it focuses on the makeup artist’s authentic talent by identifying if their content heavily relied on retouch enhancements or not.”

Yet when looking at all the content generated by the beauty industry, so much of it seems to be retouched. After asking one of the veteran artists at IMATS about the issue of retouched content in the industry he replied by saying, “Just assume everything is retouched”. However, is it fair to assume this? Alexander Jacquet states “It’s unfortunate that people may see the work of Mimi Choi on her Instagram and just assume it’s retouched. I saw her work in person along with many other talented artists like Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick, and Thomas E. Suprenant. All of their work was absolutely jaw-dropping and it confirmed to me that they are truly talented.” However, most people don’t get to see their work in person and instead entrust on their Instagram pages, which is why they just jump to an arbitrary conclusion that an artist’s work is retouched.

Just because as a society we have reached an epidemic of retouched content, it’s not fair for talented artists who do not retouch their work to be instinctively associated with retouching their work.  No one should make that judgment by simply looking at a photo of their work. Therefore, we are encouraging talented artists in the makeup industry to use our service to prove their content is an honest representation of their art. If you’re a makeup artist interested in using our service and want to find out more just email to see how we can get you started with using our service today or simply read more about our services here.

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