Regulations - Trusting Pixels


Our mission at Trusting Pixels Inc. is to give an honest visual representation of people in media. To achieve this, we have created regulations that every image we authenticate must abide by. *Every authenticated image must at minimum adhere to our 1.0 regulation in order to be considered for authentication. It is on this page that you can find out what all our regulations stand for. This regulated framework allows viewers to know exactly what retouching limits an image is confined to. Simply locate the authenticated image in our gallery to find what regulation the authenticated image abides by.

*Our regulations are not only limited to what is seen below. As our clientele grows, we will continue to elaborate our regulations to adhere to different retouching frameworks.

Body Size - (B) No adjustments to the size of a persons body and/or features.
Skin - (S) No adjustments to skin.
Makeup - (M) No adjustments to makeup.
Hair - (H) No adjustments to hair.

*Our regulations allow customers to have the freedom to enhance their photos without destructing their subject's authentic body and features. There may be circumstances where an image abides by our regulations but is denied authentication if the subject has changed a considerable amount.