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Deep – Our Image Authentication Software

We’re super excited to announce the beta version of our software, Deep.

Trusting Pixels partnered with western Canada’s largest computing and IT education provider, British Columbia Institute of Technology (also known as BCIT) to help develop our software. Prior to working with BCIT we knew exactly what we needed to develop but simply did not have enough resources to make it happen. BCIT was able to make the vision for our software come to life with the creation of Deep.

Deep analyzes a photo’s metadata and binary structure. Months of researching the respective structures of a variety of cameras allowed us to design an algorithm which identifies whether the structure of a photo is true to that of a raw file or not. Given that we currently ask our clients to submit their raw files (alongside their edited files), we can use deep to analyze the binary structure and metadata of their raw file to ensure its authenticity. Once we ensure the authenticity of their raw file, we then compare it to their edited to file to see if any enhancement were made to their edited image that do not abide with our retouching regulations.

Our data analysis is only one of the many tools were developing for Deep.  Deep will expand beyond analyzing data and incorporate tools that focus on a visual analysis to help us detect edited images. Stay tuned!

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