Trusting Pixels - Representing People Truthfully
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    No Retouching.

    No Photoshopping.

    We leave people as they are.

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    The Honest Movement (THM) is a campaign that we created for people who want voice their concerns about retouching. We do this by interviewing individuals and share their words next to heir own unretouched photo.


Our mission is to give an honest representation of people in media.

We achieve this by authenticating imagery that is in line with our retouching regulations. Our regulations allow our customers to have the freedom to enhance their photos without destructing their subject’s authentic body and features. By using our service, a customer chooses to advertise their content honestly, and in return, help promote an honest representation of people in main stream media.


“We understand that images have to go through some processing, but that doesn’t mean advertisers should manipulate bodies to such extremes.”

-Alexander Jacquet

Founder Trusting Pixels Inc.


All the imagery we authenticate as "unretouched" must abide by our retouching regulations. If an image is in line with our regulations, we label it with our logo and upload it to our gallery. Our gallery hosts all our authenticated content and clearly identifies which retouching regulation each image abides by. To get your content authenticated simply sign up for a membership plan.

Anyone can benefit from our service.


From photographers, models, influencers, to makeup artists, our service is a great way to show your authentic work. Learn more about our non-commercial use service for individuals here:

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A brand needs to gain their customer's trust by advertising honestly. It starts by representing the very people in their ads honestly.


By using our service, a business chooses to advertise honestly. Find out how your company can benefit from our service here.

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