About - Trusting Pixels

Photography is unfortunately no longer about capturing a person in the present. With the ease and mass amounts of retouching done everywhere, the true spirit of photography has been completely washed away and in return created a media driven society that promotes a false representation of people.

A platform for honest advertising.

Our mission is to promote an honest representation of people in media by authenticating content that is in line with our retouching regulations. All authenticated content openly discloses what is not retouched on a persons body (i.e. body shape, hair, makeup...etc.). Our platform allows our clients to label and host content in our gallery as verification that their content is honest and authentic.

The Founder

Trusting Pixels Inc. was founded by Alexander Jacquet. Alexander spent over a decade working in the visual effects industry as an artist where he became an expert in creating photo realistic, computer-generated images for block buster pictures like "Jurassic World", "Godzilla", "300: Rise of an Empire", "Cloud Atlas", "GI Joe: Retaliation", "Game of Thrones", and commercial work for Adidas, Revlon, and Shinola. It is his expertise in creating photo realistic computer-generated images that led him to create a solution to detect and prevent this type of manipulated content in advertisements.

With the ever increasing use of technology and the pervasive presence of tools used to retouch in mainstream media and on anyone’s cellphone, Alexander has realized that there is an ongoing difficulty to validate content as retouched or not. This issue particularly affects the false representation of people in both mainstream media and social media, which of course, greatly impacts children and youth who are vulnerable to the content they consume without realizing what is false and what is not.

It is Alexander's reflection on the negative impact retouching has on the younger generations that drove him to find a solution to this social issue.

Alexander hopes that as Trusting Pixels grows people will regain their admiration for the human body and its various representations as opposed to letting technology redefine what it means to "look beautiful".