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Photography is unfortunately no longer about capturing a person in the present. With the ease and mass amounts of retouching done everywhere, the true spirit of photography has been completely washed away and in return created a media driven society that promotes a false representation of people.

Image Authentication

Our mission is to promote an honest representation of people in media.

We achieve this by providing our image authentication technology to clients who need to assess the authenticity of images and videos. Whether that’s to help social media platforms not spread misinformation or governments needing to audit for malicious advertisements, organizations can implement our technology into their own infrastructure or access it through our SaaS platform.

In addition to this, we can also provide a watermarking service that labels content that has been authenticated by us, deeming that a person in a photo or video is authentic. Every image we authenticate is accompanied by our seal of approval and is hosted in our gallery as proof that it has passed our authentication process.

Leading Team

Alexander Jacquet

His expertise as a visual effects artist played a significant role in training Trusting Pixels' machine learning models on retouched content. He spent nearly 14 years of his life creating photo realistic computer-generated images for block buster pictures like “Jurassic World”, “Game of Thrones”, and for commercials with clients such as Revlon and Adidas. An expert at creating fake images has undoubtedly led Alex to be the perfect founder for a company that detects fake images.

Zhao Chen
Head of Machine Learning

Zhao Chen is no stranger to machine learning as she started exploring machine learning back in 2017. Having worked at Amazon and AT&T on complex machine learning and software development tasks, Zhao has positioned herself at Trusting Pixels to spearhead all of our ML efforts.

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