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Success with Online Sales During COVID-19

To survive the economic crisis brought about by COVID-19, it’s no surprise that most companies are shifting their business model to online sales. But in today’s gimmicky, bait-and-hook culture of online shopping where “expectations vs. reality” rarely align, trust between customers and brands is quickly dissolving. With nothing but a heavily retouched image to base purchasing decisions on, customers can never be quite sure what to expect when they shop online.

Due to this pandemic, people can no longer rely on reality, which essentially means the ability for someone to see a product on someone in person, or to walk into a store to have an idea of what they are about to purchase. Instead, someone’s “reality” is now determined by what is seen on a website, which is the underlying issue. It is impossible to gauge what is real and what is not because most photos on any website are typically retouched to some extent. The only way a brand can bring a sense of “reality” to the images portrayed on their website is by proving that their photos are not retouched.

Another reason why brands should resort to unretouched photos is because of the issues revolving around body-image. Body-image is a serious issue that should be taken seriously. Yet, many brands put out retouched photos of people wearing/using their products without being socially conscious of the negative psychological impact these images have on people. When a brand takes the health and well-being of its customers first, by only displaying real authentic photos of people, it will undoubtedly propel its presence online among its current and potential customers.

Trusting Pixels can help your company build customer loyalty and trust by proving that the images on your website are, indeed, authentic. Trusting Pixels has created an effortless way for brands to authenticate their content. This simple, yet very effective platform that Trusting Pixels provides has already gained its trust among photographers, models, and makeup artists around the world. With this authentication platform already being used by many creatives, Trusting Pixels will unquestionably become that standard for honest advertising among brands around the world.

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