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Do you want to build a better relationship with your customers?

Due to the ease and excessive use of retouching in today’s digitally driven society, customers can no longer rely on the authenticity of what they see on a website. Many companies strive to create a “perfect” image by excessively retouching the people showcasing their products or services, which in turn has made their images lose their authentic value.

However, imagine if your customers knew that your images were of real, unretouched people. Our watermarking service allows you to do this by proving that the people in your advertisements are authentic and not retouched.

Follow these simple steps to watermark your images today.

Truth and Transparency

Advertisers are increasingly using the words “not retouched”, “unretouched”, “unedited”, “natural”, “real beauty”, in order to connect with and capture their customers attention. The issue with using words like these is that advertisers are not clearly stating how “natural” an image of someone truly is.

Our research shows that what one person may consider as a retouching edit that is excessive (i.e. removing acne) may not necessarily be the case for another. Therefore, since everyone evaluates retouching edits differently, simply stating that a photo of someone is “unretouched” is misleading since it’s not clear to whose terms a photo is considered “not retouched”. To solve this issue, we created retouching regulations that accompany every image we authenticate. Our regulations allow viewers to identify what is retouched and what is not .

A Serious Health Concern

A tremendous amount of research links retouching to serious psychological issues among modern day society. Your brand can be the change the world needs by clearly disclosing what is retouched and what is not on all its content . By doing this, your brand will be acting in a socially conscious manner concerning the issues surrounding body image and retouching.

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