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In a world where anyone can manipulate an image, our service is the best solution to prove your content is authentic.

Photographers, Models, Makeup Artists, Fitness Trainers....

No matter what your profession is, proving your content is not retouched will be benefit you. Your website and social media pages highlights your best work, and people will assume that you have edited your photos. However, the type of edits done to an image can vary and your viewers are unable to identify if, or to what extent your content has been edited.

By having us authenticate your content, your viewers will know that your work is authentic. Having your work authenticated will allow your viewers to know that your content is confined to certain retouching limitations because all the content we authenticate must abide by our retouching regulations.

A brand that chooses not to retouch brings trust to their product and service.

Do you want to build a better relationshiop with your customers?

Due to the ease and excessive use of retouching done in today's digitally-driven society, customers can no longer rely on the authenticity of what they see on your website. Many companies strive to create a “perfect” image to help their product or service sell by excessively retouching their images, which in return has made their images lose their authentic value.

However, imagine if your customers knew that your images represented your product or service honestly. By advertising your content honestly in an age where anything can be covered by digital alterations, your company can now stand out by getting its images authenticated by us.

Follow these simple steps to authenticate your content today.

Step 1

Fill out the form below. In addition to the image you're submitting for authentication, be sure to include the original raw version of that same image.

Step 2

Hit submit and pay your authentication fee.

Step 3

If your photo abides with our retouching regulations, your photo will be uploaded to our gallery under the username you provided.

Step 4

Visit our gallery and social media channels, where your Trusting Pixels approved content can be admired and shared with the world.

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