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Defining “Unretouched”
Makeup Artists – A market in need of our service.

Verifying Talent – How Using Trusting Pixels Can Help Verify Talent

As we continue to carry on our mission of promoting an honest representation of people in media, several different types of creatives are benefiting from using our service. Registering for a monthly subscription, photographers, makeup artists, and models can use our service to prove that their talent is authentic. In this blog we share why authenticating their content is so beneficial to their careers.


Since photography has gone digital it is almost impossible to create a photo without some sort of editing in post-production software. Taking away post-editing software for photographers is taking away an essential part of creating a photo. However, just because post-production editing is a part of photography, it does not mean that retouching someone’s body should be considered part photography.

In many cases there are two different types of artists involved in creating a photo. There are photographers, and there are retouch artists. Though some photographers retouch their photos themselves, many times photographers work with retouch artists before handing off their photos to their clients. So, when looking at a photograph it is often hard to tell if we’re admiring the photograph or the retouch work. The question most people should ask themselves is, “To what extent did the photographer rely on retouching to create their image?”

With our service, photographers can verify the legitimacy of their work, because we can only validate work with little or no retouching. Consequently, photographers support our company and use our service more then any other type of user. They get their work authenticated because it truly represents what they capture. The photos you see in our gallery portray almost 100% of what you’d expect to get from a photographer, and not from a retouch artist. The authenticated content from photographers in our gallery adds a tremendous amount of value and legitimacy to their talent. It shows that they solely relied on their craft and not a retouch artist to re-create their photos.

Makeup Artists

Makeup artists are perhaps the creatives that can benefit the most from having their content authenticated by us. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t even take a good makeup artist to post a photo that shows flawless makeup. With the countless apps and editing tools that are accessible to anyone, it’s no wonder why makeup artists edit their photos to keep up with the thousands of photos posted daily that use editing apps to show off the “perfect” skin and makeup.

As a makeup artist there is no better way to show your talent by proving to your viewers that you only rely on your artistry to create a flawless look.  Trusting Pixels is the best platform for makeup artists to compare their real talent with other makeup artists, and it makes a perfect platform for their clients to see the actual results they can get when hiring them.


Since our service is entirely geared towards no retouch enhancements on people, its obvious that models can benefit from using our service. When a model authenticates their photo, you know you are getting a real portrayal of them. Models that authenticate their content add a layer of clarity to casting and modeling agencies that look at their work. Agencies will immediately know that the photos they see are what they’d expect to see when hiring them. So, instead of sending in polaroid’s or selfies, models can provide a link to their authenticated content in our gallery to prove they are who they are.

Authenticating your work

Whether you support body positivity, honest content, or want to prove your talent is legit, Trusting Pixels is the perfect platform for you. Instead of simply stating your work is unretouched, you can easily have our company stand by your work and be a part of a community and platform that promotes real and honest content. Simply submit your work on our website to get your content authenticated today.

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