Our Year in Review - Trusting Pixels
How retouching changes our perception of beauty
October 26, 2016
Defining “Unretouched”
February 26, 2018

Our Year in Review

We couldn’t be any happier reflecting on this past year as we achieved our mission of authenticating unretouched photos to help promote an honest representation of people.

This year marks the reveal of our new authentication mark. As a guarantee to our customers and viewers, we offer our authentication mark on all authenticated content as proof that a photo abides by our retouching regulations. Each authentication mark is also accompanied by a number representing the regulation the image abides by (reference image below for authentication mark and regulation number). 

After months of research and development, we released our website in June of 2017, which introduced our fully functional platform. People can have their photos authenticated by simply uploading them on our website. 

We don’t want people to just rely on our authentication mark to identify if an image has been authenticated by us. So, we took our validation process to next level by hosting all the images we authenticate in our fully functional online gallery. What this means is that if someone sees an image somewhere on the internet that was authenticated by us but wants to make sure the authentication mark was not forged, they can search for the image in our gallery. Images can be searched by a person’s name, Instagram handle, brand name, product name, or any other relevant information.  

What Next?

Now that our platform is flawlessly running, we are ready to bring on the big clients. Our goal for 2018 is to work with brands in the fashion, makeup, and health and wellness industries to help advertise their content honestly. 

Though our goal is to help promote an honest representation of people, all these industries can benefit from our service in other ways. For example:  

  • Fashion industry– Many fashion companies resort to retouching the models wearing their clothes. However, if fashion brands were to start authenticating their content as unretouched, it will assure their viewers that what they see actually fits the model instead of assuming that the model was retouched to look perfect in their clothes.
  • Makeup industry – Our service can be beneficial to separate artificial talent vs real talent. By using our service, makeup artists can let viewers know that photos of their work samples are reflective of their abilities and that retouching had no influence on the final look of their clients. This will bring a layer of guarantee to a makeup artist’s portfolio, by letting their clients know they can have similar results with out the use of retouch enhancements.
  • Health and wellness industries – There are many types of products and services that claim to benefit an individual’s health and/or wellness. Whether a product or service improves a person’s skin or physique, many of these companies resort to retouching their results to convince their customers that their products work. Authenticating their results as unretouched will eliminate any skepticism from potential clients that their services or products work. 

We hope you can join us on our journey in 2018 by not only using our service but by following us on our social media pages and subscribing to our blog.  

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